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Whether you're a business owner, a marketer or a brand manager, you're bound to have realized the importance of maintaining an online presence to drive sales. Keeping up with the statistics usually gets more overwhelming as your brand grows, making it harder to keep things in perspective.With Alakazam 2.0, we bring you a marketing assistant that can keep track of all the analytics for you. And while you brainstorm ideas that will revolutionize the world, it will automate those repetitive marketing activities for you and keep you informed of your progress.
(So sip on a margarita while it automates those repetitive marketing activities for you and keeps you informed of your progress)

The Brand New - Inbox

Keep track of upcoming tasks and reminders with the new Inbox feature.Learn at a glance how your performance has improved over the last week and get insight on what you can do in the following week.

The New and Improved - Hashtag Generator

Followed by a UI workflow change that made creating content much easier, we upgraded our hashtag feature.You can now choose your hashtags based on their popularity, how relevant they are to your post, your geographic location and more!
To learn more about this feature, read our blog post.

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