You already know what we do...But you're probably wondering


So this is what happened.

Three years ago, two guys sat down at a Japanese restaurant and had a chat over a platter of sushi. 🍣

Talking about the complexities of digital marketing and the tools available to the public, they realised they could create something that would completely change the game.🤯

Focusing on small businesses and entrepreneurs who like to use a long tail strategy, the guys decided to build a mobile app and platform to automate everything.

Then they spoke to a bunch of potential customers and figured out what businesses really needed in terms of marketing on social media, and drew up a strategy.

Today they head the team at Alakazam - the first AI Powered Marketing Solutions Company.

The Co-Founders

"We started Alakazam to bring order to that chaos in Marketing.The journey has started. So far, so good."
- Dulitha Wijewantha

"There should be a blueprint for everything that you do. You need to know what you want to achieve before you set off on a voyage of discovery."
- Ruban Nanthagopal

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