Get your Digital Marketing Done with Alakazam

Alakazam structures your Digital Marketing from start to finish so you can focus 100% on making your business succeed.

Content Optimization

We help you optimize each content you put out on social media by helping you craft a caption, finding the right hashtags and suggesting the optimum posting time.

With our advance Content Calendar Workflow you'd even be able to schedule your content for future.

Becoming your own Marketing Expert

We help you learn more about Digital Marketing by connecting you to the analytics you need on your fingertips as well as providing a feed that captures activities that you can perform to increase your presence online. Our toolbox also provides an Academy of curated resources that you can use to learn and become an expert on marketing.

Built for Small Businesses

You want a product that adapts quickly to new features provided by digital media platforms and helping you get ahead of the curve. We get that. Our Unicorn, Alakazam is always keeping our product features up to date with latest trends that are coming up.

Why Businesses choose Alakazam

Supercharge your Marketing

Give Alakazam basic version a try and see the difference for yourself. For limited time - we are offering the Basic verison for Free.

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