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Did you know?

Take note: Hashtags are changing the game.If you want to cater to your ideal consumer, you need to know what they're searching for.Use hashtags to find out what they want, and then to let them know you have what they're looking for.
Having at least one hashtag on your post will get you 12.6% more engagement.You now have a better chance of being seen than ever before.

Read our blog post about using hashtags to target your ideal audienceBe ready to have your mind blown.

What's new with this update?

We've revamped the look and feel of the Content Assistant.Now it's so much easier to see your progress as you complete your post and get it ready for uploading.
We've also made a major upgrade to the Hashtag Generator.You can now auto generate hashtags based on the components in your photo, you can search for specific hashtags, you can save presets and so much more! You can also target users in specific geographic locations, with location-based hashtags.


How to use the new Hashtag Generator

Say hello to the new and improved features!

Auto Generate

When you upload a picture, you can simply click on 'Auto Generate' to make the tool scan your image for relevant topics.
Then, simply choose hashtags to liking.


Get Suggestions

If you'd rather search for a particular hashtag that you have in mind, you simply click on 'Find Hashtags'.
We will suggest hashtags as you type so you can save time.


Refine Tags

Did you know that using location-based hashtags help you reach more users who are in that particular area?
Use geographical location-based hashtags to target your audience.


Watch the video

Easily create and share hashtags that are relevant to the content you upload.

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See, this is the thing. Our vision is that we wanted to create a tool that can assist you with your digital marketing needs, so you can upload your posts with minimal effort. We also wanted to make sure that everything you do on the app is a learning opportunity and that you are bettering yourself as you use it. That’s why we want to steer you in the right path, so you can make informed decisions with a clear goal in mind.


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