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What's my Return on Investment?

We know how frustrating it can be to exhaust your marketing budget on seemingly awesome ways to engage your online audience, but not see any ROI at the end of the day.You're not alone.Alakazam was built to remedy this same problem. We help you plan ahead and post consistent content that no one will scroll past.


And this is how we do it.

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    Content Inspiration

    Book a consultation with the creative team at Alakazam for ideas and advice on Company Branding and Social Media Campaigns. *

    Save time and energy and get started on capturing that Instagram-worthy photo with clear direction.

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    Content Library

    Upload your photographs to the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.
    With the Content Library, you always have content to choose from, helping you maintain a consistent online presence regardless of your hectic schedule.

    With CAAS, you can work with content creators who will take photos and upload them to the cloud for you.*

  • 3

    Content Plan

    Plan ahead strategically, whether you have a metric objective like driving sales, or you simply want to maintain a consistent colour scheme on your feed.

    Know when your audience is most active and upload accordingly.

    You can also use the Content Plan to keep your team up-to-date on your marketing strategy for the month.

  • 4

    Content Assistant

    Alakazam is built with artificial intelligence to help you find the best hashtags and captions for your photos.

    Use the Assistant to repost tagged photos with your logo to maintain consistent branding.

    You will also be reminded of the optimum time to post based on the activity of your following.

  • 5

    Content Delivery

    You can upload your brand new post to Facebook, Instagram and other socials with the click of a button.

    Whether you like to do it manually, or schedule posts for automatic posting, Alakazam takes care of it.

    With Influencer Marketing, you can reach a larger audience by choosing to work with creators of considerable clout.*

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    Review how your campaigns perform with our built-in analytics feature.

    Additionally, you can consult our team of specialists for advice on improving your numbers.*

* Only available for selected subscription plans.

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